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Kickboxing – Young Girls Sparring

Kickboxing Warm Up : Sparring Amichevole, tra 2 giovanissime Atlete nel pre-gara. by ITALYKICKBOXING YouTube Fighting Sports, Martial Arts, Muay Thai, …78


STO: Ground Fight Tutorial

Tutorial Groundfight.419


Tutorial RAN – Difesa

Tutorial di bando asta unità immobiliare residenziali libere del Ministero della Difesa.644


Aikido Basic Techniques : Katate Tori Hantai Ikkyo

A foundation Aikido technique Katate Tori Hantai Ikkyo is extremely important for the martial artist. Learn how to correctly execute this powerful technique in this …117


Kicks for Knock Downs – Taking Your Kicking To The Next Level

Guro Brown takes you through his Hybrid Kick Boxing (Mixed Striking) Curriculum. You Will Be Guided Through – The Knee, The Thai Round Kick, The Spin Side …4193


Aikido Basics: Ushiro Waza : Aikido Subishime Kokyunage Defense

The Aikido Tekubi Tori Subishime Kokyunage wrist grab defense is a great martial art for changing an opponents line of attack to defend against opposite wrist …114


Ambush Preparation Self Defence Tutorial

Prepare for an ambush by practicing defensive stances, and mentally preparing yourself for a surprise attack. More info: …186


Little Known Secret!



Martial Arts Tips : How to Beat Up a Bully

Instill self-confidence and self-worth in children by teaching them how to confront schoolyard bullies. Defend against a bully with tips from a martial arts teacher …175


Bagua Basic Elbow

Bagua uses elbows in many ways. Here’s one basic one. In the Bagua Basics section of the curriculum you will learn how to Bagua uses hands, forearms, …51